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who's the funny guy in the gorilla suit?

oh, it's demetri martin

Demetri Martin Community
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This is the first and only LiveJournal community dedicated to the hilarious and talented comedian, DEMETRI MARTIN.

Random interesting facts:

  • went to Yale and NYU
  • draws clouds
  • paints watercolors
  • won the Perrier Comedy Award in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2003 and the Jury Award prize for Best One-Person Show at the Aspen Comedy Festival
  • can play a G, D, and C major chord on the guitar
  • and on the piano and glockenspiel
  • strapless, even
  • may remind some of Leonardo DaVinci and/or Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore") and/or a gorilla
  • writes haikus
  • appeared/appears in the Conan O'Brien Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, NBC's Late Friday and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater,
  • has an NBC sitcom, BBC Channel 4 comedy series and/or film script based on his show "If I..." in the works
  • Grew up in a Greek Orthodox home in suburban New Jersey
  • has had internships at the White House and Comedy Central
  • would probably drop dead if he had a piece of shrimp fried in peanut oil that previously fried chicken
  • can sometimes appear to be very short in a white jumpsuit
  • wishes he lived on the first floor
  • made a short film entitled 12:21
  • doing something else with Ivan Reitman (it's called a script)
  • has already made an animated short film all by himself
  • is really funny.

Celebrate the Demetri Martin love, guys.